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been set aside from the budget to finance a high- speed rail projects throughout the united states. our next guest studies that as far as the rails concerned and what it does for job creation. his with the american transportation association and we will have that topic after this. >> american judge can be enclosed for spreading good will overseas debts >> i think so. over there, it is like a religion. they go over there and they live it. >> he was without question, the single most important figure in just in the 20th-century. >> q a date sunday on his biography on louis armstrong. >> to night, the history of executive power from george washington to george w. bush. this is part of our book tv weekend, on c-span 2. >> listen to cspan radio in washington at 90.1 fm. it is also if reapplication for your iphone. >> "washington journal" continues. host: our guest is the vice president for policy at the american transportation society. what does your association do text guest: they are at association of all the public transportation systems in the country and affiliated interests going back t
in the united states had to be ground and because of money and power and they always say van dare was like family to bush. we're dealing with these leaders that making deals back home deals with people and then all of the sudden they come back you know and roost here and then you wonder why we're being attacked. we're spending our own money to give this money to these people for energy to come back and kill us with our own money. when we going to wake up? you know? it's like we're being directed in one way and then when we make deals with these people they're suppose to be the good guy and look what happens. host: thanks for the call. "washington post" says al qaeda benefits for decades worth of miss stepped in yemen. first of all u.s. commandos are trained encounter tactics. many say the war could arrive too late to change the trajectory in yemen. since the u.s.s coal attacked the nation has been past toward the illusion that the government is weak to control swats in the country. it's stretched thin and separatist movement in the south. it's got high employment unemployment rate and al
barack obama, the u.s. president, that there will be further attacks on the united states unless he takes steps to resolve the palestinian situation. in an audiotape obtained by al- jazeera on sunday, the al qaeda chief, praised the nigerian accused of the christmas day bombing." we would give a listen to a translation of that tape. -- we will get a listen to a translation of that tape. >> made peace beyond those that osama bin laden brings guidance to. our message, carried by words, conveyed to you through the flame of the hero, we have proved that the heroes of 9/11 can be effective. the message is that america will never dream of living in peace unless we lived it in palestine. it is not fear -- it is not fair that you enjoy a safe life while our brothers in gaza suffered greatly. with god's will, we will continue as long as you continue to support israel. peace be on those that follow the lead of guidance. host: that tape was released yesterday. first, a quick political note, marion barry is set to announce his retirement after seven terms, according to two sources. the move would mak
starts now. >>> we're supposed to be seeing new procedures for folks flying to the united states. but are airports following the rules? tonight checking on your security situation. and why your treatment will depend not only on where you're from, but where you've been. but following a green beret as he goes off to war. >> i feel more nervous more for her and the kids. >> tonight one man's mission and the impact on those left behind. and a tremendous accomplishment. teams finally unveil the tallest structure that man has ever created. today a deadly shootout inside a federal building in las vegas. investigators say a man wearing black walked into the lobby of a federal courthouse, pulled out a shotgun from his jacket and opened fire. all of the video from that incident in just a moment. seven u.s. marshalls and security officers later responded with a hail of bullets. one court officer is dead tonight. a deputy u.s. marshal is in the hospital tonight and the gunman was shot and killed. so why did he do it? now we've learned he was upset because he lost a lawsuit. more on the motiv
at those the washington post. calling for allowing haitians in the united states who are here illegally to find work. "the new york times" echoing "the washington post." the first phone call comes from chris on independent mine in ohio. good morning. caller: the morning. everybody keeps getting -- host: go ahead, we can hear you. caller: pat robertson was right. it did -- they did sell their souls to the devil. not that we should not help -- we should help. they went with the french -- now they're asking americans to save us. host: what part of history are you saying? caller: pat roberts and back -- said back in 1761, i think, that they chose to sell their souls to the devils -- the french, communist, but they are begging us to help. we cannot even support ourselves. we are getting ripped off by our own government. how can we support them, too? i don't understand -- we are starving to death and, yes, i understand it was a natural disaster but it was not our fault and that understand we should help, there is no problem with that, but why is it we are starving to death, too. host: what ab
virginia. it is a huge room filled with computers. it is basically the brain of the united states intelligence system. any tip -- it was created after september 11. this was the place that was supposed to answer the 9/11 commission report on the failure to connect the dots. this is the place. this is one of its first big tests. this is a place in northern virginia were all the data comes in. there's not a single agency that is supposed to run the show entirely. it's under the office of the director of national intelligence. it is under the director. it is not any single persons jurisdiction. all the different agencies are supposed to be participating. they are all supposed to share the data and make sure they do not miss things. in design, it is supposed to do exactly what it should have done here. it did not. why? i do not know the answer. caller: good morning. in the regulatory world, there's a thing called root cause analysis when a problem occurs. you look to find out what the true systemic cause of the problem was. when i look at what i know, this was not a system failure. th
in the pledge. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, the gentleman from american samoa, mr. faleomavaega, is recognized for one minute. mr. faleomavaega: madam speaker, i ask unanimous consent to speak for one minute. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. faleomavaega: madam speaker , it is my great honor and pleasure to welcome the reverend to the chamber today. reverend samuel, as he's properly known in our smowan community, is from -- samoan community, is from my home district in american samoa. he's part of the congregational christian church in american samoa. he was appointed secretary to the partnership consultation committee of the administrative initiative of the church of christ. he was ordained in the mid 1990's where he became pastor of the bread of life church in honolulu prior to becoming secretary of the ccas. to my knowledge he is the first american samoan to give the prayer to the house.
-terror strategy. am i wrong? >> i think it's deeper than that. the united states has a problem. if this was a political matter, then you could have one level of concern. but the fact is that we are in a war, our enemies are clever enough to take haggai nearian, train him in yemen, ship him through amsterdam. our bureaucracy is so lacking in focus that even when this guy's father called the american embassy and warned us specifically about his son, we couldn't find a way to stop him and frankly issue the white house advisor yesterday made no sense when he said there was no smoking gun. we don't have to approve the visa or the flight of every foreigner who wants to come here. the burden of proof ought to be on that person. if somebody's father calls and says, my son has gone radical. i think he may be in a training camp. i think that ought to be a high hurdle for that person to get a visa to the united states or be allowed to fly into this country. >> you know the bureaucracy is always going to screw up. it's just never going to be entirely perfect. and this flight emanating in t
back to them, plus interest. and one caller stated earlier, the banking system of the united states should be a national or federalized system where the people, through government, issues credit to whoever needs it. that way the money stays within the system instead of going through the pockets of private bankers. so it's really a moot point whether he should be replaced or not. it's who's going run the mafia. it doesn't matter. it's still the mafia that's sucking the wealth out of our nation. host: off twitter, someone who identifies himself as c.p., says bernanke is just being scapegoated for congress' mistakes, washington politics as usual, all form and no substance. largo, florida, independent line. frank, go ahead. caller: good morning. i'll have to second the previous caller's assertions there. hl-1207 has 300 sponsors in the house, and s-604, bills to audit the fed, has over 30 cosponsors in the senate. and we need to call our senators to get this audit of the federal reserve. after that, it will be very easy to establish a grand jury, which will have subpoena power and indic
began to invade iraq. remember that? only a month later, the congress of the united states voted to allow president bush to invade and occupy iraq. we now are in a second phase of the gop propaganda blitz, and it is even worse this time. this time the folks in massachusetts are the target. i'm a texan, i'm a democrat from texas, a state where we don't have a single democratic statewide official, which is directly opposite massachusetts. if you vote against the democratic candidate today, you will be joining the republicans in their attempt to bring down this obama administration and possibly even the united states government. host: open but the houston chronicle," home state paper has this front-page story -- "the houston chronicle." host: raleigh, north carolina, jim on the republican line. caller: thank you. i would just have to counter fred's argument and say that perhaps this election is somewhat like the shot heard around the world, the first election where the american populace and the voters are going to stand up and say no to the obama socialism machine. i just watch with
you paid in the united states? also, canada and mexico. i understand canadian wages are much higher. guest: i would really need to bring the manufacturing teams to talk about the wage structure. they are probably the right expert on the topic. in general, we are focused on building great cars, trucks, and crossovers. we have a number of examples where we are building some small cars in the u.s. is clearly a competitive environment out there. we are comparing the wage structure. i would say the salt salt [captioning performed by national captioning institute] >> "washington journal" talked to several representtives of several car companies this morning. they are in washington, d.c.. next a look at ford motor company. put out by this restaurant, and they have given you the "don't give up the ship" award. what have you done that has led to your decision not needing government money? guest: the most important thing is we had a plan we were working on. we've got financing a bit earlier than others as well. we were able to see what was coming. i think we are proud of the fact we did not t
know where my money is, it's in all of the retailers here in the united states. but welcome to the "closing bell," everybody. i'm amanda drury. i'm standing in for maria bartiromo, where the dow, the s&p 500, both of them kicking off the year at 15-month highs. we'll have much more on the markets in just a moment's time. >>> first, though, our team is covering today's top stories. >> reporter: big pharma right out of the gate, but why did the stock of the company being bought take a tumble today? i'll have that story coming up. >> reporter: gives a cautious outlook on the u.s. economy and gives thanks to u.s. taxpayers. >> reporter: cable broadcasters and programmers are fighting over how much content is worth. time warner cable and noose corp may have worked out a deal but cablevision and scrips are still battling it out with hdtv and food network at stage. >> okay take a look at how we finished the day on the wall street, the final numbers, if my eyes don't servely bad low the dow is hitting 10583 with the gain of 1.5%. the nasdaq at 1.7% to the upside, 2308 is the score.
. >>> the president of lynn university is demanding the united states do more to find the university's missing students and faculty. courtney hayes, britney, and they are sending a letter urging the government to find each american. the president of the university spoke about this yesterday. >> i join the families of the missing six contain a call of the whereabouts of the missing, the missing family member whether alive or dead must be returned to their loved ones. >> we spoke to the parents of the missing students early this week. they are also begging the government to step up the effort. president obama father to father, please send troops to the hotel montana. >> that man is len gengel, father of brittany and joins us by phone. len, your daughter's 20th birthday yesterday. i can't even imagine how difficult that was but how are you holding up? >> we're holding up, david. i want to thank you personally for getting that story out there. you folks have been wonderful. the american people need to understand this isn't just about the six missing lynn university people. this is -- there's 100 a
a visa to the united states. >> okay. >> or be allowed to fly into the country. >> you know bureaucracy is always going to screw up. it's never going to be person. this flight in the negligenter lands and the way they do things is different than the way we do things. now, this overreaction. they're padding down everybody chbl the question is in your opinion, are we safe? i mean, are these people going to be able to get through the shield and has the obama administration weakened our defenses against al qaeda? >> we're not safe. we're in much greater danger than a year ago. it's not just bush versus obama. north koreans had an additional year to build nuclear weapons and missles. iranians had a year to develop nuclear weapons and to keep paying for terrorists. al qaeda had an additional year and two of the top four people in al qaeda in yemen were released from guantanamo bay. obama administration continues to release terrorists back into the world. >> bush did that. bush released those two guys. >> then, he was wrong and the state department was wrong and initial releases. we now have p
. this is not a green light for haitians to try to get to the united states now. keep in mind, their country is devastated. so it's a prospect that has a whole lot of possibility to try to improve their lives. but the secretary of homeland security saying do not try to get into the united states because tps will not apply to you if you arrive in the united states post-earthquake, you will be detained and you will be sent back to haiti. for the estimated 1 to 200,000 haitian nationals who had no legal documentation basically living here illegally for the past number of years, those people will be allowed now to stay. they can get driver's licenses, they can get work visas and they can enjoy some assistance from the federal government. but instead of having to rely on their family and friends for support and money, hoping they can turn something in and maybe tps will be granted and waiting for the eventuality of being deported has come to a halt, at least for the next 18 months when it will come up for renewal or dismissal. >> we had a state representative from florida on the air here within t
's to the united states. look at the babies taking care of babies. that bus had to turn around. the state department is allowing children with adoptions in process, already, to get temporary visas. officials will not accept kids if they cannot verify their paperwork is in order. such desperation. >>> california is getting another beating from the weather today. there's a state of emergency in parts of the state. hundreds are wait iing for evacuations to be lifted after the mud slides. in san diego, the longer the rain came down, the worse things got. >> this was a river. it was a river. it literally was a river. >> it was draining very well, even in the heavy rain. the pumps -- something must have stopped or part of them. the rain stopped and the water started backing up. >> conditions are bad now, but you may get a break from the rain soon. bob van dillen is keeping an eye on things. good morning. >> good morning. i want to start with the big picture. a couple storms are out there. the one from yesterday is back inland around idaho and nevada. you can see the frontal boundary as it exten
people flying into the united states will face tough new security measures. the tsa saying enhanced screening will focus on people flying through countries of interest such as yemen, pakistan and nigeria. the enhanced techniques include full-body patdowns, body scans and thorough searches of carry-on luggage. >>> 2010, as we were saying, good morning to you earlier, it has turned out already fairly deadly for the united states and its allies in afghanistan. nato saying four u.s. service members died in a roadside bomb yesterday. a british soldier was killed in a separate explosion. last year was the bloodiest for coalition forces since the war in afghanistan started. 514 service members died. united states has started deploying 30,000 more troops to fight the taliban. >>> look at this image that we found hanging off a building in former president jimmy carter's hometown of plains, georgia. witnesses told affiliate walb it's an effigy of president obama with a rope around its neck. and one person says it had a sign with the president's name on it. the secret service is now investigat
's not just child's talk. that's for real. the united states of america to borrow a phrase from will rogers, the economics of america is in a deep hole. and will rogers says, what do you do when you find yourself in a deep hole? you stop digging. well, it's not so easy to stop digging. but essentially we have to find ways, this task force, over the next year, bipartisan, consensual, working together, we have to find a way to present to the congress and the president and the american people a budget. multiyear, many years, it will encompass many years. and it will provide to us a way out of this enormous, unsustainable debt. now, i want to start with one of the graphs we have up here. and if i were somebody who could tie a graph into a proposal, i'd make this graph part of our everyday life. i don't know if i'd put it on our forehead and get somebody to screw it up there or what. let me step up here and show you this one. it says debt held by the public. and the word public is not just individuals. it's countries, it's institutions that have bought debt from the united states for all united
association of police chiefs. we represent law enforcement throughout the united states. this is a critical issue, no matter what size your agency is. if you are a large agency like new york or if you are a one-man police department, the ability to share information and communicate that information in a timely fashion is critical to public safety. we support wholly the efforts to remove the d-block from the auction and to provide that for public safety. what we need to see is leadership, here in washington. you have heard or you will hear from the public safety people who say how important this is that we are able to communicate and not just law enforcement to law enforcement but law enforcement talking to fire services to emergency services people. everyone must be able to communicate. they must be able to talk and send data between each other and it's very important that the people in washington, our leaders and elected officials take a leadership position and provide us with the tools so we can make our communities at home safe. >> thank you, chief lane. i introduce chief bob hendricks.
osama bin laden blaming the united states and others for global warming. the voice is apparently calling for the world to boycott american goods and stopping, quote, the wheels of the american economy. nbc has not been able to verify if the voice is, in fact, bin laden's. >>> also developing now there is a growing chance that the obama administration may move the trial of mastermind of 9/11 out of manhattan. they announced khalid shaikh mohammed and others would be tried just blocks from the world trade center, not too far from here. at first new york city mayor michael bloomberg supported the plan but he changed his mind this week. >> the federal government could find a site that didn't cost a billion dollars, which using downtown will, and it will also impact traffic and commerce and people's lifestyles downtown and it would be great if we didn't do it. >> that prompted three other hig high-profile new york democrats, senators charles schumer, gillibrand to make their concerns public. last night a justice department official told nbc news that it is looking into contingency plans. we'l
task is to try to get a global perspective to the legislative agenda and the united states. this is only panel specifically focused on legislative agenda in any one country, so all the talk about change, it is changing. there is still something important about what happens to the united states and congress. when i lived in europe, europeans always used to ask, when do i get to vote in an american in elections? i used to say, that is fine with me. there are a number who might have a word or two to say about that. i do not imagine that will happen anytime soon, but did these you can vote on this panel. the framers would they invented the u.s. government envisioned the united states congress as the first branch of government, the places where all the issues and pressures and the man decided to come together and be resolved. that did not always work as efficiently as they wanted it to work, but it probably work the way they -- it worked as a crossroads to the political system. i do not know about you on this? and how you feel about your jobs, but when i covered this, and was on
-888-407-4747. >>> the united states is ramping up their efforts to help victims of the haiti earthquake. obama said that they will be swift, coordinated and aggressive. he promises more people and more supplies on the way. >> i have directed my administration to respond with a swift, coordinated, and aggressive effort to save lives. the people of haiti will have the full support of the united states and the urgent effort to rescue those trapped beneath the rubble and the humanitarian need of food, water, and medicine that they will need in the coming days. in that effort, our government, especially usaid and the department defense are working closely with the people of haiti and around the world. >> the battalion chief of the search and rescue team are familiar with the haiti terrain. they helped in 2008 when a school collapsed there. i understand that you have a team that has just boarded an airplane to go to haiti. do you know where your crew will report and what their primary mission will be? >> yes. current they are en route and boarding the aircraft as we speak. they are going to land and once
-participation. >> the latino population is the fastest growing in the united states. we'll show you just how fast growing. another part of the census bureau tracking families. some people have forwarding addresses but they know how to track people down with friends and relatives to make sure everyone in the household is counted. >> that isn't comforting to know they know how to track people down. there's a lot of fear in this. >> there's fear among the latino population with the census. you would never answer the door, honestly, and answer these questions. the census bureau working really hard on this marketing campaign which has $100 million of stimulus money in it, by the way, to make sure that people know this is something you have to do. this is important to measure how many people are in this country, where they live, and federal funding, house seats, a lot depends on this. it's all private information. ten minutes, ten questions -- >> may i touch it? >> yes, you may. there are five different languages. john is making fun of me because i'm such a population geek. we'll be able to see how they're mov
created by the workers and laborers. my name is ray and i will attempt to run for united states congress in georgia. host: what district? caller: well, it will be statewide. in 1994 i ran in the first district. host: "the wall street journal ," it back to the lead article. morristown, new jersey, the republican line. caller: my wife worked in wall street for years. one of the things i find very interesting about -- everybody's basic comments about the bonuses is, while the ceo's may make a fair amount of money in bonuses and compensation, the reality is that the common people who work for these companies do not make this kind of money and as one of the previous callers indicated, it tends to be you rely on your bonus in order to get you through the year. we've made very little money back then and when you live in a metropolitan area like new york or even washington on los angeles, every little bit makes a big difference. people ae not making huge amounts of money. just enough basically to pay the bills and get by. you get to the center of the country, where a lot of irate people are cal
we have 16 spy agencies in the united states, one brain is supposed to be operating them jointly and that is not the case and british government and mi-5 and not working effectively. why weren't these sent to the united states all-around a lot of questions coming from the british government. >> one more story that it hasn't gotten out there enough, john brennan, the counterterrorism advisor to the president, learned about an underwear bomb in october, a saudi arabian official told about the assassination attempt by a man in yemen with a bomb sewn into his underwear. he wanted them to know there was an underwear concept out there and our own failure to connect the dots. >> there were many, many missed flags and the new york daily news put them together and there's about seven of them. when you even just read one of them is a head flapper and when you put all seven together starting with the fact his application to renew his visa in britain was turned down because he put in a bogus university, they said this doesn't exist so we're not going to renew yours and made some rookie mista
, not necessarily republican, but conservative thinking. in the united states here, we have a gentleman in the state assembly that is under the democratic ticket but is also a conservative, many people also agree with him. i'd think it works better that way. thank you. host: looking at a piece from "the washington post, the race in maryland, what could happen? looking at what is happening there with more of an interest, the gop wanting to look good in maryland for governor. "a string of republican victories has raised the stakes considerably for one of the fewer -- fewest 2010 holdouts. they will try to regain the maryland governorship, going up for that this year. in most likely will not announce until march. one of the races to watch. we got an e-mail from paul. "the gop is toast and they do not know. they will lose the senate seat in massachusetts and more in the next cycle and the only votes they will get are from those who have not followed what is happening in that vote along party lines. -- a party lines." lexington, ky. what do you think? caller: we have had some version of one-party rule fr
the united states should be there but the chinese or what ever could come in there. but fake with the closures and layoffs, more money should be thrown into our governments and our country first. that sounds selfish, i am sorry. i think there are many people, detroit, michigan, they have been really hit hard. in my city, there is a lot of foreclosures going on. i think that's terrible. that's all i have to say. host: we will go to the democrats learned from jacksonville, florida, good morning. will there be a long-term u.s. commitment to haiti? caller: yes, i think it will bid. these people are really suffering. that is all of the other caller to say that. we need to commit money to all these other terrorists in other countries, one of commitment to haiti? host: york city, on the independent life. caller: good morning, you have a great show. i would like to make an observation -about the condition of haiti. i am a professor and i was assigned to nasa for disaster in the united states. were a small atomic weapon to use. one thing we learn from katrina and learn from 9/11 and n
two days. for that matter, feel it anywhere in the lower united states, lower 48 that is, the weather pattern stopped. what have you today is likely what you're going to experience the next four, five days in a row because the weather pattern literally has come to a halt. we're going to see snow on and off the next 48 hours. 6 to 12 inches from bangor, maine, through burlington, portland, maine up to six inches. boston, we knocked you down a little bit. we are thinking three to sixt now it looks probably more or less two to four. the other big thing is the temperatures. i want to put this in perspective. this morning, fargfargo, north dakota h. a record low of 34 degrees. negative 34 is cold. to put it in perspective, if you put an icicle on your front porch, would you have to warm it up 66 degrees to melt that piece of ice. that's how cold it was in the morning plains. think of the movie "fargo" when you think about this. it hasn't improved with windchill warnings in duluth. you live in duluth, you're hardy. you're used to bad winters. you're seeing one today. even as far south as sa
possible attacks on the united states. and i really believe the president and attorney general holder really should rethink this. they should really rethink this rigid commitment to the criminal justice system. after all, this guy came from outside the country. what he was planning was an attack on america. this is a is war-like act. he should not be treated like a domestic criminal. >> larry: can you treat someone as a military combatant and then later try them criminally? >> you can do anything you want. the justice department could move him around in all different ways. the reality is in this particular case he should have been treated as an enemy combatant. after all, the president and the attorney general have authorized military tribunals. now, if you're going to have military tribunals and you're going to try some people in a military tribunal, somebody who comes to the united states with a bomb to blow up an airplane in one of our cities should be treated as a wartime criminal, not like a domestic criminal. and that may be an academic dispute for some people, but here's the di
and the reason he brought it to the attention of mr. brennan was because they felt that the united states was not paying enough attention to the country of yemen and the threats there. >> so much about the story that we continue to dissect this morning including how this particular underwear bomber should be tried. should he be an enemy combatant or tried in criminal courts. in criminal courts he is given rights afforded to all of us as u.s. citizens. it was debated with chris wallace on his sunday show. >> let me ask you specifically. after abdulmutallab got lawyered up, did he stop talking? >> i'm not going to address what he did before or after he was -- talked with his lawyer. we got information and we continued to have opportunities to do that. >> why not treat him? you certainly have the right. still have the right to treat him as an enemy combatant. why not do that. if he has more actionable intelligence about future attacks and you say there is a real possibility of that, doesn't the president have the responsibility to do everything legal he can to get that information? >> and th
the united states will do everything it can to help the earthquake victims in haiti. he spoke this morning just before beginning a meeting with democratic leaders to work out details on the final health care bill. the president promises an all-out rescue and humanitarian effort to help haiti in the wake of what he called a cruel and incomprehensible tragedy. >> i have directed my administration to respond with a swift, coordinated and aggressive effort to save lives. the people of haiti will have the full support of the united states in the urgent effort to rescue those trapped beneath the rubble and to deliver the humanitarian relief, the food, water and medicine, that haitians will need in the coming days. jon: major garrett is live the at white house for us now. what can you tell us about what the plans are, major? >> reporter: jon, the president has received three briefings on the earthquake, the most at -- first at seven, the second at 10:15, he goes on to the head of development, raj shah, the president in the remarks said he's the lead coordinator for the rescue andie leaf -- relief
of haiti. hillary clinton says the u.s. in the process of gathering information. >> the united states is offering our full assistance to haiti and to others in the region. we will be providing both civilian and military disaster relief and humanitarian assistance. >> reporter: the earthquake was also felt in the dominican republican which shares a border with haiti on the island of hispaniola. some panicked residents ran from their shaking homes but no damage was reported there. >> reporter: we're back here live at the fairfax fire and rescue training academy where they are ready to deploy at a moment's notice. with me is the assistant fire chief dare roar. have you been on the missions before and explain to me when you're hearing the reports of what the damage is down there. is there anything like your men have seen before? >> many of the men and women have been on disasters similar to this before, but it sounds like from the reports that we're getting from news media and in side that the devastation is pretty complex and pretty involved there. so our training and experience hopefull
are you going to -- how are you going to be holding the office of president of the united states? >> caller: i can't see how eye can't see how that could be. >> yeah. >> caller: i could never vote for the man just because of it. >> yeah, exactly. okay,shawn thanks for the call. get one more in. grace is with us from virginia. grace, what are your thoughts here. >> caller: hello? >> grace, go ahead. >> caller: the person in this whole situation that's a winner is john edwards' wife. she is just a real lady and then that other woman, if you want to call her -- and that's not what i call her a lady. she should have known that mr. edwards was a married man and kept her distance. no excuse for him but absolutely none for her. >> yeah and in another detail coming from this book and again, andrew young, obviously you figure there's an ax to grind here against john edwards but the allegation is this is that john edwards kicks off campaign in new orleans and then rielle hunter is in bed with him that next morning and quote/unquote she feels like the first lady, while elizabeth edwards is
used to fly in high value terrorist suspects into the united states. the only lingering thing i would say is let's make sure it doesn't take place on stewart air a force base. we're changing it from gitmo to the united states because we want to show people it is an official process. every protection you would expect from a regular civilian courtroom, if we put this inside of a military base, even with civilian judges, civilian attorneys what the world sees is gitmo-lite. if we're taking it out of gitmo let's not transfer it to a military base. we need a location that's secure, safe, willing to host this venue and shows the world that we have not abandoned our values, that we are keeping to our values. >> thank you very much for the insight. >> thank you very much. >>. >>> now we're going to baltimore. the house gop members are gathered there for the third day of the annual conference. the highlight, of course, so far, the unprecedented televised back and forth between president obama and the house republicans. the president acknowledged fault on both sides and said the democrats haven
information we'll bring it to you. >>> flights transporting haitians into the united states have been stalled because of logistical issues. there's been no policy to suspend the flights but the situation arose because they were running out of room. charlie crist has asked the federal government to help florida pay the costs of treating those patients. >> they're not stopping coming into florida. i wrote a letter to secretary sibelius explaining assistance would be helpful to us. it will make a difference, because of florida's proximity we bore the brunt of it. we are happenty to continue. >> there have been 435 medivac flights from haiti to florida so far. >>> millions of dollars have poured into haiti, but the situation there is still desperate. barbara star reports. >> reporter: desperate haitians still struggling for food, water and shelter nearly three weeks after the earth wake. more than 100 countries and 500 relief organizations and 20,000 american troops are here. it's still not enough for the more than 1 million displaced. listen to the top u.s. commander. >> we're still not up to me
and 150,000 students. we're the biggest community college in the united states. >> 150,000 students, really? >> yes, we cater to all of miami dade and everyone. we have a very strong influence in southern florida. >> you go for two years and transfer of to university? >> yes. >> this george washington university, is $50,000 a year for tuition. what do you pay? >> by an anonymous caller so we have been blessed that we get in-state tuition fully covered. usually, regular students would pay $86 per credit. if your full time, that would be $1,000 per semester. >> that is a little bit different. do you happen to know how many want to a four-year university? >> once you graduate, we all usually end up going to university and achieve a bachelor's. >> what have you learned since you've been here? >> just to keep an open mind? you cannot narrow your view. there are other people and other views and you need to pay attention to the spirit if not, you will not succeed. >> do you belong to a party? >> i consider myself to be independent because of a share views with the republicans and democrats
as a humanitarian assistance and disaster relief mission that's what the united states military is here for. they are here as we all are at the invitation of the haitian government that knows they need help this airport is a perfect example. there's only one runway this is not i deal, thanks goodness it was not damaged if the quake knocked this runway out i don't know where we would be in terms of trying to help. we went to the haitian government. we said we were ready to help. they asked for our help. we negotiated an agreement so the u.s. military could get it open and prioritize the flights in and out. it is a small airport, but we've made it very busy and we've got to be sure people are safe coming in and out. >> greta: we have all these supplies, things like hospitals, we would like to help, does the united states have to work out agreements there? any sort of resistance, if we can help, we are hearing horrible stories? >> the haitians have said we need all the help we can get. it is getting to where the help is needed. setting up a facility, making sure it is well staffed and well equ
exciting and will make a big difference in cleaning up the river. no other city in the united states has done it before. we want to make sure the public and retailers have some time to get used to what they will be doing. >> this bag tax is expected to generate more than $3 million. if you are alone, part of the proceeds will go to the stores. the majority will go to clean up the an ta cost tee ya river. we are live at the safeway near dupont square. >>> it isn't the only new measure to arrive in 2010. there are changes dealing with everything from movie stars to cow tails. kevin tibbles explains. >> reporter: at the stroke of midnight, new hampshire became the fifth state to legalize same-sex marriage. about 15 midnight marriages took place. on the west coast, tough new rules for paparazzi who stalk celebrities. the new law championed by actress, jenfer aniston, will allow victims to sue the publishers of pictures obtained when traffic or other lay laws are broke dn. in illinois, at midnight, the bell tolls for those who do this while driving. distracted drivers who are texting are a gr
is the top notch security priority for the united states government in afghanistan. i am looking for to travel to afghanistan to visit with officials from the afghan government. 80 percent of afghans earn their income from agriculture. 35 percent of the afghan gdp comes of agriculture. 50% -- >> we will right now lead the state department briefing to go live to the heritage foundation. we have fixed the problem, and we will bring you this discussion on the 2010 midterm election. republican pollster kellyanne conway is the guest speaker. this is live coverage on c-span2. >> good afternoon and thank you all for venturing out on such a cold january day here in washington, d.c.. although it's a lot colder other places around the country. and around the world. welcome to all of you here in the nation's capital here at the heritage foundation with us, and to all of those watching on c-span. all around the country and the world. this is the january conservative women's network, and i'm michelle easton, president. special thank you to heritage foundation, brigitte wagner who is such a wo
in the united states and the earnings of the big companies that are about to report. in fact, i regard it as an inverse correlation. the more they fire here, the more money they make. and the hirer their stock goes. given that business is so bad in this country and better almost everywhere else, i believe companies will be penalized with lower stock prices if they hire here and will rally if they hire overseas where the growth is. what matters during earning season is less earnings, and right now joblessness equals profits. it's a fact. when it comes to this kind of thing, getting political, making judgments whether it's the congress' fault for making things so darn confusing and difficult for small business, or whether it's the rich moneybag bankers that shouldn't make their pay, maybe they're the problem. all of those things just obscure what we need to think about as investors, which is how much money companies are making from not hiring people. case in point, caterpillar. see that one today? stock folded $3.79. it was a stunning move. a stunning move. talk about a company that's la
are the biggest community college in the united states. >> small? 160,000 students? >> yes, and we indicater to basically all of miami dade. all the mayors, senators, congressman. we were meeting with a senator tomorrow. we have a very strong through in -- influence in southern florida. >> so you go for two years? >> correct and then we transfer off to university. >> by the way, this school, george washington, gets $50,000 some-odd a year for tuition. what do you have to pay? >> i've been in the honors college so thankfully we get in-state fully covered but it would be approximately $ 6 a create co--- credit. so every year, $1,000 semester a approximately plus books. >> so a little different. >> right. >> due happen to know how many go on to a four-year university or college? >> once you graduate, especially in honorors college, we all usually going going on to get our bachelor's. >> what have you learned? >> just to keep an open mind. you can't narrow yourself to only your view because there are other people and their views and you need to pay attention to those. >> do you belong to a party
transporting critically injured haitians into the united states have been temporarily suspended because of logistical issues. the white house says there is no official policy to suspend the flights, but the situation arose because they were running out of room. florida governor charlie crist has asked the federal government to help florida and other states to help pay the cost of treating those patients. >> they're not stopping coming into florida. i wrote a letter to secretary sebelius that federal assistance would be helpful to us and if we could share that with some of our sister states, it would make a big difference. because of florida's proximity to haiti, we've born the brunt of it. we're happy to continue. >> according to the white house, there have been 435 medevac flights from haty to the united states so far. >>> millions of dollars have poured into haiti, but the situation there is still desperate. barbara starr reports. >> reporter: desperate haitians still struggling for food, water and shelter nearly three weeks after the earthquake. more than 100 countries and 500 relief
the united states of america? to me that state of the union address was a joke. it was a lot of talk but nothing seems to get done. >> reporter: i hope the guy in the chair liked his hair cut as well. ireporter nelson may of north carolina says he's an independent. he says the democrats and republicans, he says they're not doing their jobs, but still he has hope. >> you might have the new america in which these politicians reach across the party lines, come to some agreement and actually care about solving the problems. >> there you go. >> reporter: now, our newsroom blog, tony, has been very busy with your viewers, independent voters describing themselves, sharing their political ideologies. he writes independents don't care about political affiliations, they just want to see progress an results. walter rights independents want change. neither party will deliver it. limit representatives and senators to two terms, just as the president. congress is not a career path. this viewer says get in, get things done, get out and make room for others with ideas. run again later, if you wish.
on your political hat, pat buchanan. pretend you're president of the united states. you're going into the situation room. where are you pointing the finger? what question are you asking? >> i don't know you point the finger but the questions you ask are what peter and i were talking about in the last segment, in go down the list of things this fella, he gets on board. he doesn't have any luggage. he's paying in cash. there are reports he was in yemen. there are cia reports. he's -- he's got no visa to just say -- would i ask him, look, here's all of the information. why did this not come up on some computer to at least give this guy a second look before he got on any airliner? as the president i think said this morning, there was human failure and there was system failure. so i think i would start around -- start with that particular question and go around the table. >> and if you go around the table, peter, and it's clear that somebody dropped the ball on this, does the president need to -- and i asked this question of chuck todd -- have some heads roll? >> you know, i think the
. the companies that are rallying are divorced. divorced from the united states. and they aren't paying any alimony or child support. now, when you're on one of these money political shows, when you're discussing the prospects of the president and the democrats, you have to focus on the impact of job losses. and you know what you got to say! scary, sad. and you think all of these companies are deadbeats! [ gunfire ] that aren't hiring, their profits should be garnished if they're not helping the costs. but this is not a political show. if you own shares in a company, you must hope that the company is doing everything it can to take its business overseas. and you're not thinking of adding anyone here, because it's too expensive. and not productive enough. in fact, it's worse. companies based in america have realized that it pays to fire, not hire. fire, not fihire. don't believe me? look at u.p.s., which i learned from my charitable trust. the stom jumped 2.5 cents today after being up since last friday. why a second-day rally? i think you have a second-day rally because it shows the company
against the united states. this is a vague warning from intelligence reports, nothing firm at all, alex. >> all right, tom aspell in london. tom, thanks. >>> we are following some new and incredible developments in haiti. more survivors pulled from the rubble ten days after that devastating earthquake, but after those amazing rescues, the haitian government and the united nations say the search-and-rescue phase for survivors is now over. nbc's michelle kosinski is live for us in port-au-prince with more. so, michelle, with another good morning to you, it's a tough pill to swallow for many, because even just yesterday you had these two pulled alive from the debris, and now today a different focus. >> reporter: yeah, absolutely. i mean, every day we're just in disbelief, almost, to hear about these rescues. they have happened every single day since the quake. we're waiting to see if somebody might be found alive today, maybe by a group of local people digging by hand. it just continues to defy the imagination. and when you hear a 21-year-old man yesterday, an 84-year-old woman pulled out
in an operation off the coast of greece with the fbi and cia working together, flown back to the united states and put on trial. this notion of captures terrorists and putting them on trial has been long-standing policy that started ronald reagan and continued by george herbert walker bush and by bill clinton and george w. bush. >> is this partisan. >> yes, it's absolutely partisan. i was a he registered republican. now i'm a registered independent in florida, but i tell you this. this is not only unfair, it's untrue and what the republicans are doing is indespicable. to try to play this terrorism card against barack obama on this case is unfair, it's not right. now, what bothers me is the democrats have been no inept in fighting back on this. they have to go back and look at the facts. i'll give you a quick quote from jerry bremer, who is the president's first coordinator for counterterrorism set up in 1986. this is what he said in a speech in november of 1987 to the council of foreign relations in tam tampa, florida. he said terrorists are criminals, they commit criminal actions like murder,
auction of votes with his health care legislation in the history of the united states of america. and i think that the decision with regard to senator reid will be made by the voters of nevada. >> it is interesting to note that senator mitch mcconnell, the top republican in the senate was also at that press conference today and deferred when asked about reid, he said that is something the democrats will have to decide. >> it's up to voters in the fall. can reid pull off a comeback? >> the folks who have watched nevada politics for a long time say he's a fighter, he absolutely can do it. we're ten, 11 months out. i talked to dave myers, a political reporter out there, here's what she said about reid's chances. >> i think he's going to have a tough fight. really, the election is ten months out, senator reid is a fighter. it's the narrative on him but it's true. he's known for coming back in the end. and usually elections are won and lost in the final weeks and months. >> and you know, there's that story line about him being a former boxer. they say he's not going down without a fight, he'
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